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Their relationship was confirmed when the singers were spotted on a few dates including watching the Transformers movie together.

But their age difference and hectic schedules got in the way of their fledgling romance, and they broke up.

A 16-year-old Lovato became close friends with Miley Cyrus when she dated her fellow Disney alum’s brother, Trace Cyrus who was 20 at that time.

Lovatics found the two flirting with each other on Twitter back in 2009.


The couple has since displayed their love on Instagram with some cuddly posts, and she cheered for him when he won one of his big fights.Lovato has even toured with Nick and Joe who are now solo acts.The three of them also gave Lovatics and Disney fans a glimmer of hope teasing about Camp Rock 3.This is where the “complicated” dating history officially starts.

Though they claimed to be like siblings, Lovato dated the middle Jonas Brother in 2010.

When: 2007-2008 Demi and Cody dated for a bit when she first started out in Hollywood.



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