Ruston hornsby engine dating


However, it was Herbert Akroyd Stuart's design that was the most successful.

Stuart's design was simple, reliable and economical.


The heat of combustion is enough to maintain the high temperature of the vaporizer surface.

It was the home base for a marvelous assortment of tiny 15-inch locomotives, all designed by Sir Arthur, in 0-4-0, 0-6-0, and even 0-8-0 configurations (see photo below for examples).

This layout, which occupies a 36″x12″ baseboard in Gn15 scale (less in O9/On15), almost demands a pair of 15″ train cassettes to be used as fiddle yards at each end of the layout.

This little micro layout duplicates all the trackage at the station, as well as the high escarpment behind it and the South Tunnel.

This layout reproduces the trackage at Pentewan and provides a modeling challenge to you — to build a working wagon tipper!Shown here is a type 1905 Richard Hornsby oil engine. Others made refinements to the oil engine; Priestman, Brayton and Capitaine are some of the more notable.


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