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The 39-year-old star says the success of her six-year marriage to Geoffrey Arend is saying yes: “You need to stop and see what they’re seeing because it’s important to them and you respect them. Besides the danger of biting my tongue in two, I could never be a yes-wife because I can’t see any benefit in being one.

There was once a time when a cohabiting marriage was such a necessity that it was in women’s interests to do whatever was required of them to stay married.

Born a few decades earlier, I would also have rolled over to my beloved first thing in the morning, smiled sweetly into his halitosis breath and whispered “yes, darling,” before bounding out of bed to butter his toast as the iron heated up.

Today, thankfully, a life partnership is less about social necessity and more something we choose because it enhances our lives and offers us backing in our career and lifestyle choices.

Before her start date, the lucky thing had six glorious months of freedom to spend. “But my boyfriend said he’d miss me too much, so we’ve compromised and I’m just going for two weeks.” Suddenly I was less envious.

The word “compromise” seems to feature highly in people’s relationship rule book.

Christina has one recorded sibling, a brother who goes by the name of Aaron Hendricks.

She spent most of her early life in Portland, Oregon, Idaho (Twin Falls).

As a result, we needlessly forego opportunities, like that bright young graduate.

It did not, as Hendricks suggests, lead to a blissful relationship.


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