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This famous perfume was made by Andre Fraysse for Lavine home in 1927.

This is perhaps the most vivid evolution of a perfume I have witnessed in modern history.

This is evidence that "this floral aldehyde" is still relevant when you have outgrown caramel coated fruitchoulis and need something more grown up for your wedding.

Perhaps my nose will evolve some day to include you, but for now there are too many other perfumes to sniff and too little time! Once it settles on the skin it isn't as bad but still there. It is a "ghost perfume" as I have never encountered it in public, yet it haunt my dreams, like the many lives I have never lived.

Got a vintage bottle of this off of ebay and had to return it. It is heartbreakingly beautiful and somewhat elusive.


Arpege, for instance, hits my nose as an overwhelming mixture of B. My apologies, Dame Arpege: it is most definitely me, not you. They are dry, nocturnal and wintery, holding many secrets.Its not as dry and just as alluring as its predecessors.


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