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She helped me slow down, refine my pitch, and build on my strengths as they applied to some of the new skill sets I had acquired, and would be offering as I set out to build my business again.

During the couple of months we worked together, Deb was very detailed with our agreed upon goals from meeting-to-meeting.

My son seems to make progress his english vocabulary since he met Ian.

I will recommend Ian to the people who are looking for English lesson in Boston. He was able to bring to life what I was having a difficult time articulating myself. If you're looking for help writing a professional resume you should call Ian. I am often the go-to caregiver, and document-person in my family.



This process is then reversed, with one bachelor and three bachelorettes. I am mid-life in career and needed someone to update my resume.


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    God, I hope they stay together; please stay together.". Though Robsten once again took home the Best Kiss award at the MTV Movie Awards, Rob opts to smooch costar Lautner instead of Kristen when accepting the prize.

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