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Rick Also, as my paper is very data-driven and I continue to collect more reports of vintage Gretsch drums, I anticipate that there will be additional refinements to the paper.Rick The "Report Your Drums" page is not interactive or a fill-in-the-field type of thing.I may set up a place where people can go to get updates.Until then, provide me with a dfo member name or an email address and I will send out emails/PMs when updates are available.what about the brass tacks securing the badges to the toms?almost all are brass,yet i have seen a few that were nickel.always on silver sparkle wrap.Pretty weird to quote myself in a post, but I have an update. Gretsch Drum Dating to discuss the paper, collect information and provide updates and revisions to the paper.

Table 7 and the text in the corresponding section correctly report my observations regarding the serial number range for the introduction for that throw. I can either post them here or you can PM or Email me and I'll send the serial numbers and other info. I think it's fun to keep a record of the serial numbers, when they were bought and where they are or have been. I wanted to offer a sincere thank you to everyone who has read it and sent me a message or email about it. I am aware of a few typos, which I will address before the second printing of the paper. If you're also collecting serial numbers for the newer drums I have a 125th Anniversary snare (4.4x14 - RB) and Drop G badged drums bought this year to match the finish.almost all are brass,yet i have seen a few that were nickel.always on silver sparkle there a specific drum finish,or time that determined tack choice?

I have seen both silver colored and brass grommets on both BD and snares.Please use the list of information on that page as a guide or copy it into an email to provide your information.


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