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If the guy smiles widely, even showing the laugh lines or crow’s feet if the guy’s a bit more mature, then he has genuine fascination or attraction for you. He would gently touch his face, cheeks, or lips – Sometimes, a guy would touch his face, especially his lips, to show interest and attraction.Some would even interpret this as a sexy way for the guy to imagine how good would you be if you kiss him on the lips.He tends to look away – This may show insincerity on his part, or probably he may just be shy.Some guys may follow certain cultures about not staring too much at another person while conversing.However, it is best to be careful in doing and interpreting body language.Not everyone is comfortable with intimate body movements like being too close or touching his arm.At least that would give him a signal that you are sincere and caring.

If a guy does more good body signs than bad signs, then there is a possibility that he is attracted to you.

Putting their legs slightly apart make them appear taller, hotter, and more attractive.

If he does this to you, then he is probably trying to catch your attention.

If he touches your shoulder, try touching his waist or his shoulder.

You could also try holding his hand that is touching your elbow.For instance, if you lean too close to a guy, he might think your are overly aggressive or invading his space.


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