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Who would not have liked to see the mythical Polygnotos works of art, use the library card at the lost library of Alexandria, and think of entire civilisations painting on poor mediums that had no endurity att all transforming every single painting to dust... A Copper pendant was found in Northern Iraq dating back 10.700 years (8.700BCE), Gold artifacts in Bulgaria dating back 6.450 years. Sculpting and shaping metal does feel like a real challenge.

Some mastered this in history to stunning perfection.

My signature Thor Bear Mountain is a direct translation of my actual name. In short this is my home and where you'll find my art.

Sculptures, Paintings, Illustrations, Movies, Novels, Screenplays and pretty much anything I can Imagine.

There are girls that will easily write you off if you think you’re larger than life.

The “muffins” or muffin-like girls will tolerate more of that, but all the rest of my sisters will probably think you are an idiot.

In reality (and I am saying this with a heavy heart) Bulgarian women generally stand by their partners even when insulted and treated poorly. A date is a date and you know what it is – don’t be a pussy. If you are taking your lady somewhere fancy (which you should do), you need to behave as if you dance salsa.

So, what happens when you decide to date a Bulgarian girl? Silicone in the lips and the breasts, make up, tight clothes, jewelery, colored hair, and a princess/prostitute behaviour.

Klikněte na tlačítko "Pokračovat" a vyhledávejte na základě vašich odpovědí.



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    Or how about that chick who is constantly inviting you to engage in a mafia war? It’s also way obvious to every single one of your friends that you are sending a message to someone, even though we may not know who. A few photos of you and your boo lookin’ lovey dovey are sweet.

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    Online sexual activity can involve various activities, such as viewing explicitly sexual materials, participating in an exchange of ideas about sex, exchanging sexual messages, and online interactions with at least one other person with the intention of becoming sexually aroused.

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    Note: Several of our webcams have equipment problems.

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    Russian women just want to have a good family while their chance for love in Russia is pretty grim: Russian women outnumber their men.

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