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You will likely need to come up with an idea, collect money or supplies, and present the to the teacher. Depending on the teacher, you may be asked to perform tasks beyond parties.

We’ve compiled some great gift ideas and have free gift tags to download. Think of Halloween, Christmas/winter holidays, and Valentine’s Day as your big three holidays. The teacher may invite you in as a guest reader, for example.

Like many school volunteer opportunities, the room mom gig isn’t something grown-ups instinctively know how to do just because they are parents.

Being a room mom can be tricky—you need to know how to work with different personalities, relate to kids, run a craft project, organize volunteers, calm kids down, collect donations, and buy or make teacher gifts. Ask to set up a quick meeting (in person or on the phone) to talk about how she likes to work with room parents. Ask the teacher for important dates for the school year.

You’ll find it’s a perfect storm; you’ll be caught up in your room mom duties, while also tending to your job as a mom, helping your own kids finish out the year.

Hang in there, knowing that this really is a special time for the kids.

Chances are, you will need to do a gift at the holiday season and again at the end of the school year. If you aren’t sure what will make a class party fun, be willing to think outside the box, or in the box, as it may be! And we happen to have a guest reader cheat sheet.40.

The end of the school year will be hectic and, at times, annoying.


All you need is a simple background (like a plastic tablecloth), crepe paper, or Christmas tree lights, and props. If you don’t want to sing, bring along a few books to read to the children if the party wraps up early.23. Always send thank-you notes to parents who help you. When giving the teacher a gift from the class, say it’s from “the class’’ and don’t just include names of families who donated money.If parents want to come, let them—even if they don’t help you all that much. Remember no one expects you to be Martha Stewart and produce perfect decorations and crafts for parties.


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