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There are times when I don’t have power over the simplest choices I ought to make on my own because I live with the in-laws.

I can’t wear what I want or dye my hair, because they will surely disapprove of my fashion choices.

I have much respect for women who marry for convenience, and yet turn out to have a more successful life and unselfishly dedicate their time to becoming good wives and responsible mothers.

These women DO exist, but are overshadowed by In my husband’s household, my father-in-law is the most powerful member of the family.

Sure, all marriages go through fire and water, but ours had begun even before we decided to tie the knot!

In Korea, it is imperative to ask for parental blessing before someone gets married.

Two years ago, after a trip from the Philippines, I came back to Korea with hair highlights which my father-in-law didn’t like, so I had to get my hair back to its natural color.

My husband and I have always communicated better in English.

Koreans don’t have a good reputation in my country, and a lot of things had happened in the past between me and my husband that my family didn’t want me to go through again. My husband was able to gain my family’s trust, and despite his father’s disapproval, he came back for me.


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