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North Nostalgia News- Round 1 Edition NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS- ROUND 2 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS-ROUND 3 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS-ROUND 4 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS-ROUND 5 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWs-ROUND 6 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 7 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS- ROUND 8 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 9 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 10 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 11 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 12 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 13 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 14 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 15 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 16 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS - ROUND 17 EDITION NORTH NOSTALGIA NEWS- ROUND 18 EDITION In an attempt to improve the Club's existing website in 1999, it was discovered that the Club's holdings of historical photographs and other memorabilia were not properly stored or catalogued. In 1926 North finished fourth at the end of the minor round. Heavy rain began to fall and North added two more points as they continued to dominate play. by Nick Haines Established - 1881 Joined South Australian Junior Football Association - 1885 Joined Adelaide and Suburban Association - 1886 Joined South Australian Football Association - 1888 Changed name to North Adelaide - 1893 North Adelaide's long history can be traced directly back to the formation of the Medindie Football Club.

To address this issue, it was suggested that the Club set up a committee to undertake this work. In the first week of the finals, North played superb football to eliminate Port and Norwood beat minor premiers Sturt. Just before the siren, Port scored their second - a disputed goal which Conrad claimed to have touched. Medindie was formed in 1881 when a group of College students (from Prince Alfred College and the now defunct Whinham College) formed a team to play some football matches in the nearby parklands.

With a promise of support from North Adelaide residents, the Club changed its name to North Adelaide Football Club. It was decided that Medindie would keep their guernseys and hose (socks) as red and white only, while North Adelaide would add a blue hoop to their red and white guernseys and wear blue and white hose.

Led by the great Australian fast-bowler, Ernie Jones, and wearing its eye-catching, diagonally-striped, red & white lace-up jackets, North Adelaide won its first premiership. The match between the two northern clubs took place on Saturday 26th May on Kensington Oval.


• Where appropriate, seek funding to facilitate establishment of displays. Ken injured an ankle but Elliott, who was the driver, sustained severe head injuries and died soon afterwards. With the Port defenders concentrating on the dangerous Farmer, Hawke was able to score an easy goal for North to relieve some of the pressure. In 1887 Medindie's captain was Jim Besley who would join ‘senior club' South Adelaide during the season.

• Advise the Club on storage and maintenance of its historical records. In 1930 the Club won 14 of its 17 minor round games and finished minor premiers. Port players changed into long sleeve jumpers at half-time and with the rain easing off their ball-handling improved notably. Their first captain, Charles Nitschke, was to go on and have a lifetime association with the North Adelaide Football Club.



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