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This can be used while restoring your battery later on.As an alternative, you can also use an automatically generated serial number.The PS Vita however gets the psp2from different servers, depening on the region of that model.of this guide, about how to downgrade your PSP and then upgrade to a custom firmware.At a certain moment, there was an unexpected turn – a new way in that worked for all available PSP’s (at that moment).They had ran out of doors, but they had found a sledgehammer!

Today we’ll guide you through a method that works for nearly all PSP’s, disregarding the current firmware.If simular to PS3, then there is no regioning in the .PUP files, they are the same for all different regions.To check if you’ve got a TA-88v3 motherboard, look for a white sticker on your box and look at the printed letter.


This will indicate your firmware, as well as your production line and thus your motherboard.It even allows you to unbrick PSP’s (people call a PSP bricked when it stops working due to software abnormalities). Simple, the Pandora Battery method requires either the use of a PSP with custom firmware, or a spare battery pack.



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