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Roger Moore spent quite some time filming here in Shere back in 1990.Famed for his roles as 'Ivanhoe', 'The Saint', 'James Bond', 'The Wild Geese' and many many films before becoming an ambassador all over the world with UNICEF Not many villages can boast that two major film stars, Sir Michael Caine and Sir Roger Moore, spent time filming in the centre of Shere. The film was also directed by Hollywood Film Director, Michael Winner.The USA version of the film was titled ' Obsessed' FILM PAGE | Details and photo's added to the FILM page Thanks Steve for uncovering this film - two films in as many weeks (see other film details on the 27th September entry below) Some great upcoming Films, starting with 'The Thomas Crown Affair" which is a SPECIAL FUNDRAISING EVENT - SHERE MUSEUM Saturday, 28th October at 7pm at the Shere Village Hall.Come along to enjoy delicious New York style street food followed by a special screening of the classic film, The Thomas Crown Affair starring Steve Mc Queen and Faye Dunaway.If we could help publicise and draw as many people to the event as possible around the catchment from Dorking, Cranleigh to Guildford and surrounding vilages to achieve as big a spread as possible, then that would be very helpful.View 92 pages packed full of local Parish News, includes: Elections & Jesus; the Rev Andrew Pearson Mikes long path to Ordination Fircroft's summer art extravaganza The new 92 page Parish Magazine is OUT NOW The countdown has begun...Shere Open Gardens 2017 View the Shere Open gardens website or visit the Official Shere Open Gardens Facebook page Organised to raise money for a variety of village charities, 2017 marks the 39th Open Gardens event in Shere.When: Sunday 25th June 2017 Where: Shere, off A25 half way between Guildford and Dorking Time: 2pm – 6pm Parking: provided (well signposted) Refreshment: Teas served in the Village Hall Entry: Adults: £7; OAPs/over 60: £6; Children under 16: FREE.

Shere played host to ficticious village ARKHAM and was filmed at various locations in the village (The Square, Lower Street, Middle Street and St. FILM PAGE | Details and photo's added to the FILM page Painter: JOHN NOBLE BARLOW (1861-1917) Location: Is this the bridge at the bottom of Lower Street? The title and exact date of painting is unknown but this is an oil on canvas and its up for AUCTION: Estimate value £300 - £500 - LOT 512, The Saleroom VIEW AUCTION | Added to the paintins page archive Post Office and Forrest Stores - 1932 Ivy Cottage on the right hand corner (Note the cobbled pavement outside the stores) You can order prints of various sizes, e-cards etc from the Official Francis Frith Website Also available from Historic Pictures is this 1943 photo of the First Aid Post at the Old Prison in Lower Street: Regular postings to this Shere website will resume again this week, so please keep on checking in.

It was mostly developed in the 17th century and commonly used for entertainment purposes.

It was increasingly applied to educational purposes during the 1800s and was in wide use around this time.

Tristan 92 pages packed full of local Parish News, includes: Lensesw on life and faith With the Archbishop and Pentecost Shere and Peaslake Schools expansion Peaslake Open Gardens in colour The new 92 page Parish Magazine is OUT NOW Summer is here - 36 hanging baskets now in the village.

From The Museum in Gomshall Lane down to Middle Street, Lower Street and The Square.

FILM SET STOP PRESS: OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS also go to the victims families and friends of the Manchester bombings.


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    Hackensack is also the home of the New Jersey Naval Museum and the World War II submarine USS Ling.

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    Well, proving you wrong is the central government that told the Supreme Court on April 24 that, now, cows too will have a unique identification card similar to the Aadhaar card, so that they officials could keep a better tab on the animal’s movement and to prohibit smuggling across states and countries. They r also part of Bollywood scene to Show innocence of Gaon ki Chori Nv Bnn — Yes Iam (@Iam KM16) April 25, 2017 ALSO READ | Centre wants UID for all cows with details of horn, tail, breed, age From coming up with interesting names like Cowdhaar, Gaudhaar to Udder card, Twitterati went to town after the news broke on social media.

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