Dating a girl with the same name as your mother

Manuscripts indicate that it is a danger perhaps because an impure force emanates (YH). When the dead invite a live person to come with them respond, “The Holy One Blessed Be He does not wish me to do so.” Then go to a grave and recite a certain formula without wearing shoes. Not to marry a woman with the same name as his mother or the daughter of someone who shares his name, and if done to change one of their names 24. Not to marry two sisters one right after the other. Two brothers should not marry a mother and her daughter 28. Not to have the wedding of both of his children together 31. When one leaves the house on a trip not to return if one forgot something 39. A person should not make a storehouse of his grains in the ground 47. Not to place a chicken on top of eggs to raise chicks. Not to name children Avrohom Yitzchak and Yaakov and not Moshe 74.

The reason why they come is to exhort the listener to repent (Zohar Trumah p. After a Tahara is performed, not to leave the deceased on the board where the Tahara was performed, rather move the deceased and board elsewhere. Not to build a house changing one’s place of learning in it. Two people with the same name should not have their children who marry each other. Not to have a son and daughter marry from the exact same family. Not to polish shoes on the day that one leaves on a trip 40. A person should not write on his book “This belongs to me.” 48. Not to drink open water from a house where someone passed away 75. Not to move back into a previous house until seven years have passed 77. After a dream is interpreted do not have the words, “Go eat your bread in happiness” said.

For the reader’s convenience, a paraphrase of the Tzavah appears in bold. Not to open up graves and leave them open unless the deceased is put in that day.

An explanation follows and the source of that explanation is provided in parenthesis. Doing so can cause others to die on account of impure forces unleashed (Maaver Yabok ch.12) 3.

It was done under the editorship of Rabbi Shimon Gutman.Manuscripts indicate that it is a danger perhaps because an impure force emanates (YH). A person should not depart from his friend in tears. Not to buy grain from a descendent in order to do business with it. Not to name his children twice after the same person 64. Not to marry a woman with the same first name as his previous wife 67. A knife or sword that killed a Jew is forbidden in benefit 72.See also Yalkut Shimoni Zos Habracha #949 that it indicates that nothing was taken from this world. When one removes the dead from a room a person should not go out first. Not to have two married brothers residing in the same city. Not to have three families living in the same house. Not to have a friend be a Sandak to two of his children 36. When joking or exaggerating about doing something exotic – to do it once before one passes away 38. The Tatars will come to destroy Germany – partially or fully – this occurred in 12 – 23 years after the author passed away (Yair Hoffman). Not to live in a community where Jews never lived 68. The deathly illness of a Rasha – not to talk excessively and a Tzaddik to say, Your passing should be separated from the world 73.It is an insult to the dead there not to bury with them (Shach) and it is a lack of respect to the deceased himself (or herse3lf) to be moved excessively (Rabbi Akiva Eiger). Not to cry excessively over the dead or another will die. A person should not build a house from stone to live in – rather one should buy it from another. A chicken that crows like a rooster should be slaughtered as soon as possible.

The reason is because it indicates that one wishes to remain in lands outside of Israel. A person should not build a house on land that never had a building upon it. The Tzava’ah is followed in many circles among religious Jews.


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