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Extract structure ‘Snnnn BIWC’ is used as an interface structure between OLTP Info Structure and BWThe OLTP system has automatically created an entry in the control table ‘TMCBIW’.

Within transaction ‘SE16’ you’ll see, that for your particular Info Structure the field ‘BIW active’ has the value ‘X’ and the field ‘BIW status’ is filled with value ‘1’ (refers to table Snnn BIW1).

If the folder is missing the driver should ask during the connection.

(If you have 32 bit Access only then you have to create the DSN by ODBCAD32from Windows\Sys WOW64\ folder.

Finally, ..some point it may not be worth the trouble of trying to support these older formats.

Jeff Coachman Pcelba, I installed 2010 database engine, but I am not sure where to go from there. When I try to create the new data source, I don't see a dbase or Fox Pro driver in the drop down. I know I can import them into Access 2010, then link to them with 2013, but we have all that archived data that we need to access.

id=13255) which may be used as ODBC driver to DBF files as ever before. If not, you may be able to simply copy the linked tables (in Access) and paste them into Access as Static tables.


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