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They’re currently hard at work on a Lopez’s new all-Spanish album, which Anthony is producing. After their sweet performance at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Lopez, 47, presented Anthony with the Latin Recording Academy’s Person of the Year award.

“You are giving us classics that will remain in us forever,” she said in Spanish in her speech to Anthony, 48.

Needless to say, the crowd really got into the surprise duet.

“Stay With Me” Lyrics In the morning Don’t say you love me ‘Cause I’ll only kick you out of the door I know your name is Rita ‘Cause your perfume smelling sweeter Since when I saw you down on the floor, guitar You won’t need to much persuading I don’t mean to sound degrading But with a face like that You got nothing to laugh about Red lips hair and fingernails I hear your a mean old Jezebel Let’s go up stairs and read my tarot cards, c’mon Stay with me Stay with me For tonight you better stay with me, oh yeah Stay with me Stay with me For tonight you better stay with me, oh rock on So in the morning Please don’t say you love me ‘Cause you know I’ll only kick you out the door Yea I’ll pay your cab fare home You can even use my best cologne Just don’t be here in the morning when I wake up, c’mon honey Stay with me Stay with me ‘Cause tonight you gonna stay with me Sit down, get up, get down Stay with me Stay with me ‘Cause tonight your going stay with me Hey, what’s your name again Oh no, get down, whoo, hey, oh no, woo, get yourself home, slow down babe The couple appears to be going strong and also enjoyed attending the ACM awards.

The country-flavoured has been a top ten album in many countries, hitting No. They open at the Beacon Theatre in New York on 2 November, the first of seven shows that conclude with a date at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia on 12 November.

Fans got an extra special treat when Miranda Lambert invited boyfriend of over a year Anderson East to join her for a duet of the Faces’ 1971 hit song, “Stay With Me.” “I have a little bit of a surprise, because I talked my cute boyfriend into singing with me tonight,” Lambert told the crowd in Bossier City, Louisiana.

The new song, End Game, will also feature the rapper Future.

The pair first met as teens at their Georgia middle school, where they were in the same chorus class.

Country music star Keith Urban is always quick to thank his fans and often shows his appreciation for their ongoing support publicly.

Most recently, the Aussie superstar sent four of his biggest fans the 2017 CMT...

“You will always be many things in my life — a mentor, a soulmate, a father.


He is not only a Person of the Year, he is a living legend.” The crowd then began chanting “kiss” — which prompted the sweet smooch. “This award, this recognition, I want to dedicate to my children,” he said.

There is speculation that she may opt not to release it on music streaming services.



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