Updating driving licence photo post office

Our department may be able to issue you a temporary driver license until you are able to return to Wyoming to apply in person. 31-7-119) allows for the renewal of a driver's license by mail once every eight years.

If you will not be returning to Wyoming within 60 days, you may be eligible for a "mail in renewal" to replace your lost driver license/ ID card. An application form is mailed to you 120 days prior to the expiration of your license; however, you may renew prior to that time without any problem.

After receiving your new driver license or ID, invalidate your old card by cutting it up.

Return to the Top of Document Renewing online is faster than filling out and submitting paperwork via mail or waiting in line at a driver license office.

Military dependents are required to complete the application form, have the vision section completed and signed by a vision specialist or DMV office and pay the required fee. An updated photo will be taken at that time and you will be required to pass a vision screening. CDL Drivers: You are required to present a valid federal DOT Medical Certificate upon renewal.

for a class C, for a CDL, add if you have a motorcycle class code. If you have any medical or vision problems, you may be asked to have your doctor complete a Medical Evaluation form and/or a Vision Evaluation form. If you do not have your current Wyoming driver license to surrender at the time you renew it, you must present two other forms of identification such as a certified birth certificate, valid U. If you have the Hazardous Materials endorsement on your license ("H" or "X"), you are required to take the Hazmat written test each time you renew your license.

Texas law says you cannot have more than one valid driver license or ID card.CDL Drivers: If you hold a commercial driver's license with the Hazardous Materials endorsement, you cannot renew by mail because you must take the written test for the endorsement you hold.However, if you are willing to drop the "H" endorsement, you can renew by mail.The vision screening section of the application is required to be completed and signed by a vision specialist or a Driver Services Examiner: Vision screening must have been within the last 12 months.

Documents required will depend on what you have previously provided.

(Remember, each assessment is only valid for a five-year period.) Non-US Citizens: If you were not born in the United States, you are required to present one of the following documents every time you renew your Wyoming driver license in person or have any kind of service provided: Proof of Current Residence: Any piece of mail addressed to you at your current physical or residential adress.



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