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Each time they caught one, they'd ask what she was doing there and why she was demonstrating.

Niemi and Young identified two primary sets of moral values: binding values and individualizing values.

As I rushed past the women's toilets I saw a soldier ripping off a girl's jeans.

But I saw several other women being abused by soldiers.

Once the crackle of gunfire started, everything turned to chaos.

Protestors tried to break down the stadium door to get out.


That they're getting the support they need, that the other nurse is getting the support she needs, that everyone is being looked after in this situation because there are other innocent victims involved as well.

That was our way of doing it to the best of the show's ability and our angle was having those silly little accents and being hung up on.'Other people were trying other ways to get what they wanted from the situation and ours was the most innocent thing we could come up with that wasn't meant to go that far.


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    A couple with a bi female who would be ok with the ladies playing and the fellas watching, we would be open to discuss this further.

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