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Disclaimer: The data files for i OS and PC are indeed different than Windows.If you try to transfer files from i OS to PC or vice-versa, things may not work correctly.Many users report no problem, but we are aware of several problems in doing this, so proceed at your own risk.The only 100% verified transfer between distinct platforms is i OS Mac.Unfortunately, no system is perfect, so we still recommend manually backing up your data.We outline how to do that in the release post for Rovio Accounts.

This system is called Rovio Accounts and does exactly what most users want: Automatic online storage of your progress!

If this interests you, the i OS transfer guide has a video at the end regarding Mac, though again the filepath may be a bit different and you should include in your process.

There may be some side-effects with some i OS-exclusive things, such as achievements and the Mighty Eagle.

There’s a brand new video which walks you through the basics of backing up and transferring your progress manually.

As always with i OS devices, we encourage you to backup via i Tunes before messing around with data files on your own.Alternatively, you can change your folders settings so that hidden files and folders become visible.



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