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The thousands of pages from the monks’ files -- detailing everything from sacramental records and ministerial reviews to medical histories and psychological exams to personal letters and emails -- contain many now-common themes from the church’s sexual abuse crisis, where officials do not always act on warning signs, sometimes on the back of expert opinions, or fail to heed recommendations from counselors and psychologists.In some cases, priests with known allegations of sexual abuse, whether with minors or college students at St.Like many others before them, the disclosed documents provide a recounting of what the abbey knew when regarding each monk -- nearly half of whom have died -- and often the attempts to shuttle them from place to place to avoid possible lawsuits and scandal.

The disclosure comes as the latest chapter in the jagged history for the Benedictine community in Collegeville, Minn., on the issue of clergy sexual abuse, one that at times has seen it attempt to lead in understanding the epidemic but at others fall ill to the plague of its horrors.

But until a jury decides his fate, what about his patients?


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